After Death Communication: Messages from The Other Side

Have you ever felt the presence of
a loved one on the Other Side?

Do you wonder what happens
when we die?

A Swan in Heaven blends thought-provoking narrative with stirring afterlife messages from a 16 year-old boy who began communicating with his mother telepathically after his death. What makes this account unique in the world of channeled books is that during his life, this extraordinary child was severely disabled and unable to speak. But after death his language was fluent and his words were insightful, inspired and eloquent.

The messages in best-selling channeled books are overwhelmingly similar. Notable intuitives like Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, James Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne and Neale Donald Walsch have shared their channeled transmissions with millions, and the content is stunning in its clarity and consistency. Conversations with God, the Seth series, A Course in Miracles and countless others speak of loving entities who guide us from other realms, and they dismiss the fear-based concept of a judgmental God.

Spiritual seekers are starving for alternatives to the fear and disempowerment they experienced in their childhood churches. Remarkably, all the answers are there, simply for the asking, requiring nothing more than an open heart and the understanding that we are more than these interim physical forms. Emotional and spiritual education is available to us in many forms from many sources, beyond books, schools and human experience. There are eager teachers in other realms waiting with infinite patience for us to tune in and start listening.

One such teacher is Danny Mandell, who died at age 16 after struggling with a degenerative disorder that transformed him from an active, healthy seven year-old into a wheelchair-bound teenager who wore diapers, was unable to talk and could not use his hands. He was completely non-verbal during the last years of his life, but within an hour after his death, he began “speaking” to his mother, guiding her to publish his words in a book that would have a unique perspective, not just on the journey of the soul, but on the specific subject of personal relationships and the power of meditation and forgiveness to transform them.

"Terri's book is pure gold, and could only be accomplished with lack of ego and a tremendous spiritual bond"

Scott Christiansen, Psychic Medium,

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Terri Daniel

"This book is extraordinary!
I'm moved beyond words."

Melissa Gilbert, actress, board president,
Children's Hospice
and Palliative Care Coalition

"A Swan In Heaven is filled with profound spiritual wisdom and provides clear answers to some of life's trickiest spiritual questions. Fans of EAT, PRAY, LOVE will fall in love with Terri and Danny’s engaging and vulnerable prose. This book will open your heart and allow you to breathe easier and more deeply.”

Arielle Ford, Co-Producer, Deepak Chopra's public television series,
"Body, Mind & Soul" and author of "Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul"

"The support of Terri Daniel and her book, A Swan in Heaven, was key to my remaining in my body after the loss of my 16 year-old son. It is ironic that the pain of dying is for the living, but with each mother and father that can bear witness that there is no death, the heavy paradigm we have all been subjected to moves up a notch in frequency. This book is a must-read for anybody's who's experienced the death of a child."

K Paul Stoller, MD, Santa Fe, NM.

"I love reading this book! It's consumed most of my day and I'm having trouble pulling away from it to do the mundane. I've have felt timeless while reading it, and could feel my vibration shifting, as though I'm in an altered state. It feels like I've been deep in meditation while reading, as though I've been in a special reading room set up by Danny."

Kristin Thompson, mother of a child on the Other Side,
Thousand Oaks, CA.


Terri Daniel is available to speak on psychic development, bereavement and after-death communication
to spiritual study groups, bookstores, new age expos, bereavement groups and other gatherings.

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