What people are saying about A Swan in Heaven

A Swan In Heaven is filled with profound spiritual wisdom and provides clear answers to some of life's trickiest spiritual questions. Fans of EAT, PRAY, LOVE will fall in love with Terri and Danny’s engaging and vulnerable prose. This book will open your heart and allow you to breathe easier and more deeply. 

Arielle Ford, Co-Producer, Deepak Chopra's public television series, 
"Body, Mind & Soul" and author of "Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul"

This book is extraordinary! I'm moved beyond words.

Melissa Gilbert, actress, 
​Board president,  
Children's Hospice 

and Palliative Care Coalition

The support of Terri Daniel and her book, A Swan in Heaven, was key to my remaining in my body after the loss of my 16 year-old son. It is ironic that the pain of dying is for the living, but with each mother and father that can bear witness that there is no death, the heavy paradigm we have all been subjected to moves up a notch in frequency. This book is a must-read for anybody's who's experienced the death of a child.

K Paul Stoller, MD, Santa Fe, NM.

I love reading this book! It's consumed most of my day and I'm having trouble pulling away from it to do the mundane. I've have felt timeless while reading it, and could feel my vibration shifting, as though I'm in an altered state. It feels like I've been deep in meditation while reading, as though I've been in a special reading room set up by Danny.

Kristin Thompson, mother of a child on the Other Side, 
Thousand Oaks, CA.

This book gave me much inspiration, and I could feel an energy shift for me whenever I picked it up. Danny helped me know once again, that we are all guided and in constant contact with our guides who so unconditionally love us, even when we do not love ourselves. Danny beautifully talks about how we can be in gratitude for all that comes into our lives, even the things that we perceive are bad, hard or painful."

Cathy Haven-Howard, Spiritual Counselor, Mentone, AL.

Please know what a beautiful work it is. I have been very touched by it and know that its message will likewise touch many others.

Richard Groves, author, theologian, hospice chaplain. Bend, OR.

A Swan in Heaven is a testament to the spirit that resides in us all. Having had experiences with loved ones who have moved on, this book reminds me that I am in constant communication with them and that I only need to be still and listen.

Carly Foster, special education teacher, Simi Valley, CA.

I'm profoundly moved by your conversations with Danny. What he said on page 165... 'Guilt is truly the enemy of healing,' touched me deeply. Your thoughtful, honest, self-effacing inventory moved me beyond words.

Kelsey Collins,  Sisters, OR.

What a work of love! My heart thanks both you and Danny for the lessons and truth you offer in A SWAN IN HEAVEN.. Many times I was moved to tears, sometimes for your own trials and other times for the lessons I need in my own life, which were so beautifully shown. I will be reading this book again!

Doug Woodward,Franklin, NC

While reading your book I started to heal, to let go of my anger and sadness and to start working on the next chapter of my life and get back to my spiritual being. I thank you for putting the words on paper and publishing it and especially Danny, maybe one day I will watch him Spirit Ski.

Lisa Clark, Wichita, KS.

Both of my parents are nearing the end of their lives, but still quite aware and living at home with private nursing care. I read A SWAN IN HEAVEN while I was visiting them, and had just finished the last page when my dad's nurse called for me. He had woken up in a panic because he didn't know where he was, and he was saying, "what's happening? Where am I?" Having just read SWAN, I knew exactly what was happening to him, so I told him about Danny's description of soul families and guides who accompany us to the other side, and he listened with great interest. He'd never been a spiritual person and was quite the skeptic, but he was completely open to what I was saying. My ability to explain  what he was experiencing was a gift for both of us. It put him at ease about his impending death, and now he's more curious than frightened.

Suzy Papanikolas, Hilo, HI.

I recommend this book not only for those who have had loved ones pass away, but for anyone who has ever experienced a verbally abusive relationship. Reading A Swan in Heaven is an empowering experience, and it helped me find meaning in some of life's most painful moments.

Lindsay Roberts, San Francisco, CA

This book defies gravity. As Danny's journey beyond continues and his mother heals, he says, "Remember that you are of Heaven... This will keep you open and ventilated". I think A Swan in Heaven will keep readers open and ventilated as well. An inspiration for healing and grace, if not a leap of faith.

Keri Bowers,Thousand Oaks, CA.

Your book is wonderful, and the perfect reminder at this transition from a not so great 2007 to a really great 2008. Thank you Danny, for the exact information I needed. I have ordered another copy for a friend of mine whose son will probably die this year .

Sharon Knoor, Portland, OR.

Danny speaks through his mother in ways that are both wise and simple. He reminds me of eternal truths and the challenges of daily living, and shows me the way that the former can make the latter honest and uplifting. He addresses grief, unfairness, fear, and shows how to find hope, contentment, and joy.

Mary MacDonald Lewis, Portland, OR.

I love your book!!! I lent to a couple of friends who also believe in the metaphysical, and they couldn't put it down. Your book brought me the kind of comfort I was struggling to find. It's one of those books you can read time and time again and get something new out of it.

Megan Sacchetti, mother of a terminally ill child